“Lending A Hand Today, For A Healthier Tomorrow”
Established in November 2006 Haji Ahli Cleaning & Maintenance Services L.L.C is one of the Prestigious Company functioning in Dubai under experienced and Professional management with very experienced Staff. It is our objective to help you for cleaning like a commercial, warehouse, camps or property management. Haji Ahli provides comprehensive, specialized, and durable solutions like Contract Cleaning, General Cleaning, Marble Scrubbing, Carpet & Sofa Shampooing, Glue Removal, Water Tank cleaning & disinfection, Painting and other Maintenance services.

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At Haji Ahli, we see our customers more than just a transaction. We believe every human being has the right to a safe and clean environment. Therefore, we continually strive to provide highly personalized solutions and improve techniques. We wish to redefine the role of a service-provider through constant developments, ease of access, and presenting accurate rectification methods.


Our mission is to become a reliable partner in cleaning for our clients. We are committed to providing services that are of international standards and eliminate diseases that plague our environment.

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Respect: We treat our customers and staff with the utmost respect.
Responsibility: We strive to act with integrity in all spheres – our staff, customers, and environment.
Excellence: We continuously work towards providing quality service to our dear customers.
Integrity: At Haji Ahli, we aim for absolute honesty.
Innovation: We are equipped with the latest technology that allows us to manage our workforce efficiently and deliver the desired results.