Our staff is well equipped to carry out the following tasks with the utmost care and responsibility.


Disinfection & Sanitization

Get the all-round protection you deserve.
A clean facility is key to a healthy and happy life. Maintaining a hygienic environment is one of the fundamental ways to keep safe from diseases. read more

deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning (Offices, Flats, Villas, Warehouses).

The ultimate choice for a spotless facility.
Whether it’s an office or a villa, deep cleaning is mandatory from time to time.
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window cleaning services

Window Cleaning Services

Keep it squeaky clean.
A polished glass truly adds beauty to any building. As we live in a city studded with spectacular skyscrapers, we know the importance of keeping the glass shiny and clean. read more

carpet shampooing

Carpet Shampooing

Maintain the beauty of your carpet
Without a doubt, rugs are prone to dirt, food/beverage spill, and dirt. Unfortunately, regular vacuuming does not remove the hidden stains.
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air condition services

Air Condition Services

Keep the air fresh and clean
AC is inevitable when living in Dubai. While it keeps us cool and cozy, it’s also necessary to take good care of our air conditioners.In just a period of two to three months, ACs could be filled with dirt. read more

wall painting

Wall Painting

Add life to your walls
Whether it’s your apartment or office, painting the walls truly breathes life into the room. At Haji Ahli, we understand that every customer has a unique style and taste. read more

pest control services

Pest Control

Keep the pest outdoors
No facility is immune to pests. Bedbugs, roaches, flies, and more disrupt the peace and comfort of our environment.
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marble polishing

Marble Polishing

Keep it shiny
Keep your marble floors in its true beauty with Haji Ahli. We are equipped with the best chemicals and machines that keep the marble polished and beautiful. read more

sofa cleaning service

Sofa Shampooing

Retain the beauty of your sofa
A sofa transforms your house into a home. Whether it’s to relax after a busy day or to add more variety in your new apartment, the couch is a mandatory component. read more

water tank cleaning service

Water Tank Cleaning

Say goodbye to the underwater parasites
Heat and water create the ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria, parasites, and diseases. If you start to notice discoloration,
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